Wholesale Travel Club

There is one thing that I absolutely love to do, and that is travel!  Having been on several cruises and a few places in the Caribbean, I know this is where I want to spend my adult years, and the second half of my life.  I joined a really neat club to turn my passion in to a business.  If you are interested in travelling too and enjoy having the best deals on trips in the world placed in your lap with uber savings and value, I would love to talk with you!  Check out my website to learn more by clicking Here .  Over $1.3 TRILLION was spent in 2014 in global travel.  There is money to be made, and a great time doing it at the same time! 

I have a website that I blog to called www.RockstarTraveler.com , and I write about ideas, coupons, travel deals, etc.  Please visit me on the site!

If you wish to get in touch with me to discuss getting in on the most insane travel destinations for great prices on the market today, or you want to discuss how you can open up your own travel business and enjoy travel like never before, just email me at brandon@brandonpatrick.com , or just fill the form out below!