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*Would YOU Like to be Considered by Your Peers as the Expert in your Field?

*Would YOU Like to Double Your Business Profitability?

*Would YOU Like to Get in Doors You Never had Access to Before?

*Would YOU Like to do the Above with a Done 4 U Marketing Formula that Works 24/7 Whether You are involved or not?


If you answered “YES” to these questions above, then we have the solution for you!


Hi.  My name is Brandon Patrick, and over the years, I have worked with hundreds of business owners who are worn out, pushed for time and quite frankly, have no idea how to get their marketing off the ground.  You see, it wasn’t that long ago that businesses utilized print advertising as their main lead generation source.  I am sure you remember…..put an ad in the classifieds or a column in a newspaper, and people would come.  Yellow Page ads for services were huge, and quite frankly, very expensive.  On top of that, it was very hard to measure just what worked.

According to a recent survey by Dimensional Research who surveyed 1,046 people, an overwhelming 90% of potential buyers say they go online first to read reviews and get advice on social media BEFORE making a purchasing decision.  Gone are the days when a business just put up a Fan Page on Facebook or Google+ and said they are online and doing Social Media.  Nowdays, you have to engage your potential clients a long time before they make a decision to buy!  For a business, it is now Social MARKETING!  Can you as a business owner do that?  Maybe.  Can your secretary do that?  Maybe.  But in BOTH instances, you have an issue with time constraints, consistency and knowledge of content and content curation from other companies.


We are about ENGAGEMENT, and getting your customers involved with you BEFORE they want or need your services.

We are social MARKETING consultants who understand the importance of building your database online and targeting messages to certain audiences.

In-Bound Leads are not Enough…You have to go to the people!

Our formula is about building your brand ONLINE, and combining it with your OFFLINE marketing to bring in more leads than you know what to do with!  We establish YOU as the Authority Figure that people see you as a welcome guest in their office.

I am a Marketing Ninja!  I know How to Follow Your Clients Around Social Media Until They Buy

Have you ever gone online to look perhaps at a car, or maybe you were looking at a special blender for nutritional shakes.  Maybe you don’t buy, and head over to Facebook.  After a few minutes, there is an ad right in your newsfeed regarding the truck or blender you were looking at with maybe a special one time offer.  You feel as though someone looked over your shoulder and they were spying on you.  I KNOW HOW TO MAKE THE SAME OPPORTUNITIES WORK FOR YOU!  I develop ads in Facebook that works hand in hand with your web site, and place special code that follows potential buyers for as long as I want!  If you decide on a special sale, I can get it in front of them!  Imagine what that does to your marketing return on investment!

What You Get

  • Facebook Business Page Setup
  • Google+ Business Page Setup
  • Twitter Setup
  • Linkedin Setup
  • Instagram Setup
  • YouTube Setup
  • Google Blogger Setup
  • WordPress Blog Setup

*Initial One Time Setup Fee

  • 8-10 posts a day during the workweek with consistent messages utilizing Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram
  • 6 messages during the weekend to the audience base in Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram
  • Monitoring of accounts for potential response and engagement
  • Blogging utilizing white paper or paid articles for two blog sites
  • Monitoring and building FanPage Likes and Followers
  • Building ads for social media accounts

This is 40-50 exposures a day online to a targeted audience!

The best thing is, you do nothing!  You don’t even have to have a personal social media account!  You do no posting, as our team does all the work.  We can increase your online presence and get you higher rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing by creating one way back-links to your authority website!  The SEO from what we do is amazing.

happy-face15Ready to Talk?

If you are ready to sit down for a free consultation to see how we can bring you instant credibility in your field, and bring more customers through the door, fill out the form below and we will get back to you.  Most of the time, it is the same day!