About Brandon

cropped-brandonred.jpgBrandon Patrick is CEO of Brandon Patrick Companies, LLC.  Ever since childhood, Brandon knew he wanted to help solve problems through finding things people needed.  As a 6 year old, Brandon read a comic book, and sent off to SLC; a direct sales company specializing in Christmas Cards, to sell inside his neighborhood door to door.  In his first year, he sold over 30 boxes of cards by himself and won a bow and arrow as well as a microscope!  From there, he went on to set records at his elementary school selling the World’s Finest Chocolate.  Needless to say, lc1sales and marketing got in Brandon’s blood at an early age.

Brandon has since gone on to other pastures, with a long career in real estate, managing several $100 million+ in yearly sales companies.  He also Co-Founded two online startups, one in real estate training and the other in content curation software.

If you have thoughts for start-ups or want to discuss strategic ideas, please feel free to email Brandon at brandon@brandonpatrick.com , or just fill out the form below!